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How do you select your bathroom vanity size? Should you choose a single sink or two? Here are 5 rules of thumb to follow when making your vanity size selection…


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Another season, another collection of to-die-for bathroom Design Kits! Our Winter 2022 Collection has officially launched, and we are gu-shing over these juicy details. This entire collection is inspired by nature, from rocky mountains to the New England coast, from lush forests to sun-drenched California (where I grew up!). Read about each kit’s personality to find the one that fits you best. Let the dreaming commence…


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If you’re like us, you know the right tools can make a world of difference in the results. Here are our top 7 tools for productivity and peace of mind, both in the studio and at home…

sourced bathroom design kits productivity tools for female leaders

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Today, we’re sharing 15 gift ideas across 3 categories for each and every person on your list… including yourself. The best part? They’re all sustainable! Instead of potentially wasteful buying, opt for one of these ideas for planet-friendly options that are even better than the latest gadget…

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Have you ever tried to select a tile for a reno? Did you poke around online or hop over to your nearest tile showroom? If you did, I’m willing to bet you left (or X-ed out of the browser tab) feeling more confused than when you started! You’re not alone. I’ve talked to countless homeowners […]


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If you’re like me, you know that a solid plan is the surest route to control, confidence, and success from start to finish (especially when are you planning to renovate your bathroom). As a result, It puts you in the driver’s seat with a trusty map and that carefree, full-tank-of-gas feeling. (You know the one!) […]

bathroom renovation - design kit

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Meet your limited edition Fall Collection of SOURCED Design Kits!

Sourced Fall Collection - Meira

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