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September 27, 2021

What Comes in a Sourced Bathroom Design Kit?

What comes in a Sourced Bathroom Design Kit? More than you might think! When we developed our Design Kits, my team and I sat down (literally, at our studio table) and analyzed every. single. step. in our custom full-service interior design process. We asked ourselves:

  • How could we eliminate the guesswork for women leading their own renos? 
  • How could we help stop project-crippling indecision and regret-filled choices?
  • How could we make fresh yet timeless design accessible and actionable? 

No surprises here, our Design Kits are the result, and when you see what’s inside, I think you’ll agree we’ve left no detail untended. Here’s what you’ll receive:

1. Bathroom Design Mood Board

Your mood board includes all of the specified items shown together for a snapshot view of what your final bathroom layout will look and feel like. Hello, beautiful.

2. Clickable Shopping List for Items & Materials

Your Design Kit shopping list includes quality selections at multiple price tiers for the following items:

  • All hardscape materials: floor tile, wall tile, niche tile, grout selections, countertop, schluter
  • Stand alone vanity and/or paint color for a custom cabinetry design of your choice
  • Mirror
  • Sink (if not included with a vanity)
  • Cabinet Hardware (if not included with a vanity)
  • Wall Hooks & Towel/TP Fixtures 
  • Wall Color
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Bonus: Option for a stand alone shower + shower floor tile 
  • Bonus: Option for a freestanding tub + coordinating chandelier
  • Bonus: Art & Styling items (like Shower Curtain, Rugs, Wall Shelves, Framed Art, etc.) 

Note: Even the lowest price tier maintains quality standards we trust to stand up to everyday life… because isn’t that the point??

3. Renovation Guidebook

Your Renovation Guidebook is an info-packed PDF that will help you make smart selections from the shopping list above based on your specific bathroom, budget, and needs. It will also help you navigate future conversations with your General Contractor as your reno progresses.

4. Renovation Spec Book

Your Spec Book is where you will record your final selections (from said shopping list) and eventually present it to your General Contractor for a bid and implementation. Precision is key to clear communication and implementation, and we’ve made it effortless!

5. Renderings, Technical Drawings & Styling Guide

Of course, you want to know how your final bathroom should look, right? Down to where the vanity should go, how high to mount lighting, and where to add towel hooks and decor? And your GC certainly will need these details, too. That’s why we also include…

  • Color Rendering of a Standard American Bathroom (though not likely, if your bathroom footprint is different, your GC will be able to adapt the design plan to your specific space)
    • Vanity wall elevation
    • Shower/Tub combo elevation
    • Bird’s eye view floor plan
    • Conceptual styling plan
  • Technical line drawings with recommended installation location & measurements for:
    • Exact mirror placement
    • Vanity lighting location
    • Wall & towel hooks
    • Art/Styling item installation

If this looks like a solid game plan, that’s because it is. 😉

6. Live Q&A with Interior Designers, Shawna & Kennedi

Weird to talk about myself in third person, but there you go! Kennedi and I want you to have everything you need to lead your reno to success, including our design expertise if you get stuck. We hold one Live Q&A via Zoom the month after each season’s Design Kits retire… which gives you a month or more to gather any questions from bathroom design for different layouts to upcoming bathroom design trends!

Even if you don’t have questions, we invite you to join us — you may hear answers to questions you’ll have later or feel the contagious empowerment of seeing other take-charge, action-oriented women getting $#*! done.

We can’t wait to see you there! Until then, come take a peek at the current season’s stunning collection of Design Kits, coming 10/4!



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